Circle Of Fifths Robert Higginbotham


Circle of Fifths
Robert Higginbotham
The circle of fifths has been around for a very long time, reportedly first published by the German
Baroque composer,
Johann David Heinichen in 1728.
Divided like a clock, in twelve intervals, it is a useful tool for many things. Using the circle is an easy
way to know what the various key signatures are (G has one sharp, F has one flat, etc.). Starting with
C major on the top, the ‘sharp keys’ cycle going in fifths to the right. The ‘flat keys’ cycle in fourths
to the left. In other words, when you traverse the Circle of Fifths in a clockwise direction the intervals
(musical distances between each note) are fifths. When you traverse the circle in a counterclockwise
direction the intervals are fourths.
The following version of the “Circle” came from
Circle of Fifths
Printed: 10/12/2011
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