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I know the contents of this affidavit of support that I
Part 8. Sponsor's Contract, Statement, Contact
Information, Certification, and Signature
I have read and I understand each of the obligations
described in Part 8., and I agree, freely and without
any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, to
I have requested the services of and consented to
accept each of those obligations in order to make it
possible for the immigrants indicated in Part 3. to
is not an attorney or accredited
become lawful permanent residents of the United
representative, preparing this affidavit for me.
I agree to submit to the personal jurisdiction of any
Sponsor's Contact Information
Federal or state court that has subject matter
jurisdiction of a lawsuit against me to enforce my
Sponsor's Daytime Telephone Number
obligations under this Form I-864;
Each of the Federal income tax returns submitted in
Sponsor's Mobile Telephone Number (if any)
support of this affidavit are true copies, or are
unaltered tax transcripts, of the tax returns I filed
with the IRS;
Sponsor's Email Address (if any)
I understand that, if I am related to the sponsored
immigrant by marriage, the termination of the
marriage (by divorce, dissolution, annulment, or
other legal process) will not relieve me of my
Sponsor's Certification
obligations under this Form I-864; and
Copies of any documents I have submitted are exact
I authorize the Social Security Administration to
photocopies of unaltered, original documents, and I understand
release information about me in its records to the
that USCIS or the Department of State may require that I submit
Department of State and USCIS.
original documents to USCIS or the Department of State at a
later date. Furthermore, I authorize the release of any
Sponsor's Signature
information from any and all of my records that USCIS or the
Department of State may need to determine my eligibility for
Sponsor's Signature
the benefit that I seek.
I furthermore authorize release of information contained in this
affidavit, in supporting documents, and in my USCIS or
Date of Signature (mm/dd/yyyy)
Department of State records to other entities and persons where
necessary for the administration and enforcement of U.S.
NOTE TO ALL SPONSORS: If you do not completely fill
immigration laws.
out this affidavit or fail to submit required documents listed in
I certify, under penalty of perjury, that the information in my
the Instructions, USCIS or the Department of State may deny
affidavit and any document submitted with my affidavit were
your affidavit.
provided by me and are complete, true, and correct, and:
Form I-864 07/02/15 N
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