Healthcare Treatment Chart


Guidelines for Use of Med 4 Healthcare Treatment Chart
The purpose of these guidelines is to provide directives for the use of the Med 4 Healthcare
Treatment Chart
A. Utilization
1. Healthcare treatment will be defined as medical care other than medication,
which is ordered by a Healthcare Professional
Examples include, but are not limited to:
a. Braces/supports/slings
b. Specific dental care
c. Exercises
d. Heat or ice pack
e. Eye patch/guard
f. Ear plugs
g. Monitoring of health such as fluid intake/output, urine output, bowel
movements, etc.
2. The Med 4 may be used for healthcare treatments, in the following situations:
a. Time-limited orders
Examples: sling for elbow injury for 2 weeks; heat pack to knee for 3 days;
stretching exercises after foot surgery for 3 months
b. Short-term timeframe (no more than 6 months), to allow time for a Med
29 Healthcare Staff Objective (HSO) to be added or revised
Examples: blood sugar check; daily weight checks for heart disease;
range of motion exercises due to CP and aging
c. Long-term orders (that may not fit appropriately into an HSO)
Examples: ear plugs when swimming; electric toothbrush; short walk three
times a week for weight management
3. The Med 4 may be kept in the Individualized Med Book or working file
B. Completion of Chart – see next page
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