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Housing Families Inc.
p 781 322 9119
354 Cross Street
f 781 322 9292
Malden, MA 02148
In-Kind Donation Form
Note: An estimated value for the donation must be included but can only be assigned by the
donor. HFI staff cannot write in the value of the donation.
To Be Completed By Donor
Individual donor or Organization name: ________________________________________________
Name of person to be thanked: _________________________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________________________
City: ______________________________ State: ____________________ Zip: ___________________
Phone: ______________________________________________________________________________
E-mail Address: ______________________________________________________________________
How did you hear about Housing Families?
HFI Website/Internet
Other ________________________
Donor’s Estimated Value: _____________________________________________________________
To Be Completed By Staff Accepting Donation
Name of Staff Accepting Donation: _____________________________________________________
Date donation was received: ___________________________________________________________
Description of Items Donated (Include quantities – e.g. 3 pizzas for family meeting or 2
backpacks with school supplies):
Note: If the gift’s estimated value is $7,000 or more, the description has to be comprehensive for
auditing purposes – use the back of the form if necessary.


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