Sample Contractor Invoice Template


Contractor Invoicing
Because PRCI is a non-profit member organization, special provisions are required to track not only how
expenses on project occur but also when they occur. Invoicing must be submitted per the terms outlined in
each contract. Generally these provisions include
Invoices should be submitted electronically to .
All invoices must contain the contract number (of the format PR-XXX-XXXX).
It is preferred that invoices be submitted monthly.
Clearly identify the billing period (for example June 1 to July 5, 2014).
Identify the total cost incurred less any contractor cofunding with a net amount due PRCI.
o If the charges span multiple calendar years (for example December 5, 2013 to January 5,
2014), the charges for each year must be identified separately (i.e., the portion of the
charges for 2013 and the portion for 2014).
The contract may include a holdback provision pending the receipt of the final deliverable. If an
invoice is submitted in excess of the holdback threshold and the final project deliverable has not
been received, a partial payment will occur. The balance of the invoice will be paid upon the
receipt of the project deliverable.
Invoices shall provide sufficient cost breakdown, including identification of the person
performing work, the rate, and a short description of the effort.
If the work is for a milestone contract, the invoice shall include a breakdown of charges by
milestone. Each milestone shall identify the billing period and breakout by calendar year if
Failure to comply with the invoice provisions of the contract will result in a rejection of the invoice and a
subsequent delay in payment. An acceptable sample invoice is shown below.
If there are differences between this document and the contract, the provisions in the contract prevail.


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