Case Information Cover Sheet - Spokane County District Court


Court Case Number _____________________________
Attorney Name ____________________________________ Bar Number __________________
Plaintiff/Petitioner ______________________________________________________________
Defendant/Respondent ___________________________________________________________
Amount of Suit $________________________________________________________________
Please Check one category that best describes this case for indexing purposes. Accurate case
indexing saves time in docketing new cases and assists in forecasting needed judicial resources.
Cause of action definitions are listed on this form. Thank you for your cooperation.
___ Automobile Damages (AUT)
___ Loan (LOA)
___ Rent (REN)
___ Breach of Contract(BRE)
___ NSF Check (NSF)
___ Replevin (REP)
___ Commercial Electronic Mail (CEM)
___ Open Account (OPA)
___ Restitution (RES)
___ Damage Deposit (DD)
___ Other (OTH)
___ Services Rendered (SER)
___ Deposition Sister State (DEP)
___ Petition for Seized Goods (PFS)
___ Transcript (TRN)
___ Foreclosure Lien (FOR)
___ Personal Injury (PIN)
___ Wages (WAG)
___ Goods and Services (GS)
___ Property Damages (PRP)
___ Written Instrument (WR)
___ Lease Agreement (LA)
If you cannot determine the appropriate category, please describe the cause of action below:
Automobile Damages- Complaint involving damage to
Open Account- Money due on a revolving account.
an automobile.
Other- Used when other cause codes do not apply.
Breach of Contract- Complaint involving monetary
Personal Injury- Complaint involving physical injury.
dispute where a contract is involved.
Petition for Seized Goods- Petition for return of money or
Commercial Electronic Mail- Complaint involving
possessions seized by a police agency.
receipt of unsolicited commercial email.
Property Damage- Complaint involving damage to
Damage Deposit- Request for return of a damage deposit. property.
Deposition Sister State- Request by an out of state party
Rent- Money Due for rent owing.
for judge to sign a subpoena/subpoena deuces tecum for
Replevin- Action for recovery of personal property or
party within the court’s venue.
monetary value.
Foreclosure- Complaint involving termination of
Restitution- Petition for restoring property or proceeds,
ownership rights when a mortgage or tax foreclosure is
not an unlawful detainer.
involved, where ownership is not in question.
Services- Money due for services rendered.
Goods and Services- Money owed for goods and services Transcript- Transcript of judgment filed from another
Lease Agreement- Money owed on lease agreement.
Wages- Money owed for wages earned.
Loan- Money due on a loan.
Written Agreement- Money owed based upon a written
NSF Check- Check written with non-sufficient funds in
instrument such as a promissory note, contract, etc.
the account.


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