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I, _____________________________ (Parent/Guardian's Name) hereby give permission
for any and all medical attention to be administered to my
child_________________________ (Child's Name)
In the event of accident, injury, sickness, etc., under the direction of the person(s) listed
below, until such time as I may be contacted.
I also assume the responsibility for the payment of any such treatment.
This release is effective for the period of one year from the date given below.
HOME PHONE: ________________________________________________________
INSURANCE CO.:______________________________________________________
POLICY NUMBER:_____________________________________________________
In case I cannot be reached, any of the following persons is designated to action my
A JGMXT representative where my child is training.
PHYSICIAN: ____________________________________________________________
ADDRESS: _____________________________________________________________
PHONE: _______________________________________________________________
KNOWN ALLERGIES:____________________________________________________
Subscribed and sworn before me, this ______ day of __________________ , 200__
Notary Public


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