Authorization Letter


Letter to be typed on Company Letterhead:
(Name, address, and logo/corporate design)
To: Consular Section
Date: January 1
, 2015
Embassy of Romania in New Delhi
D-6/6, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi - 110 057
Subject: Submission of the Visa Application File/ documents for legalization
Dear Sir,
I, Mr./Mrs./Ms.__________________________________________________________________
(Full name)
the undersigned, residing at _______________________________________________________
(Full address, including country)
_____________________________________________________________________________ ,
holder of the Passport No.__________________ , hereby authorize Mr./Mrs./Ms./Travel Agency
(Type, number)
_______________________________________________________ , holder of the Passport No./
ID No. __________________________ whose signature ________________________________
(Space for signature)
is attested by me, to represent me and submit Visa Application File and all necessary supporting
documents attached/documents for legalization, make inquiries, effect payments, receive
documents and collect my passport on my behalf, in order to obtain the Romanian Visa.
This authorization is valid until further written notice from me.
I, Mr./Mrs./Ms./__________________________ also confirm that all the documents and
information provided with this Visa Application File are authentic and correct for which I take
the full responsibility. I understand that Consular Section of the Embassy of Romania in New
Delhi will not be held responsible for their authenticity or validity under any circumstances.
(Full Name)
(Specimen Signature)
(Date of Signature)


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