My Kind Of Girl - Leslie Bricusse Chord Chart


-Leslie Bricusse
4/4 1...2...123 (without intro)
Intro (and basic F chromatic run):
and back
She walks like an angel walks, she talks like an angel talks,
And her hair
has a kind of
curl, to my mind, she's my kind of girl.
She's wise like an angel's wise, with eyes like an angel's eyes,
And a smile
like a kind of
pearl, to my mind, she's my kind of girl.
Pretty little face, that face just knocks me off my feet,
Pretty little feet,
she's real - ly sweet e-nough to eat.
She looks like an angel looks, she cooks like an angel cooks,
And my mind's
in a kind of whirl, to my mind, she's my kind of girl.
And my heart's
kinda full of joy, be-cause she's told me I'm her kind of boy.


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