Transcript Request Form - Bemidji State University


Transcript Request Form
Records & Registration Office
Deputy Hall, Room 101, #12
To obtain a Transcript:
1500 Birchmont Dr
Bemidji, MN 56601
1. Print all information requested.
Fax: 218/755-4409
2. Transcript requests are normally processed within
one week from date of request.
Regulations governing issuance of transcript
3. Submit your request:
 In person
1. Financial obligations must be satisfied.
(picture ID is required when picking up transcript)
 By Mail
2. Requests made in person require you to present a
 Fax (218) 755-4409
valid photo ID.
 E-mail –
3. Transcripts can only be mailed, never faxed or emailed.
4. Request for more than 10 transcripts are subject to a
(provided a written signature is included in the request)
processing fee.
4. Requests cannot be taken via phone.
If you need an official BSU transcript sent to a Minnesota State College or University (MNSCU), that institution
may be able to obtain your transcript for you. Please contact that institution directly for further information.
SSN or ID#
Name: ________________________________________________
Current Address: _________________________________________________________
City: _______________________________ State: _________ Zip: ___________
Telephone Number: ______________ E-mail: _______________________________________________
Check only one of the four choices below:
1.____ Pick transcript up at Records Office, No. of Copies ____, Call __ or Email __ when ready
2.____ Send now
3.____ Send after grades are posted (list term/year) ______________________
4.____ Send after degree is posted (list expected graduation date – Mo/Yr) _________________
__ Check here if you attended prior to March 1, 1975
No. of Copies ___
No. of Copies ___
Send To Name & Address #1
Send To Name & Address #2
I give BSU permission to release my transcript to the name and address indicated above. All holds must be
cleared before an official transcript is sent. You will be notified by e-mail if your transcript cannot be sent
based on a hold. Transcripts mailed to you will be in a separate sealed envelope.
I understand that my school may update their records with the address and contact information above and
acknowledge that this does not serve as an official notification of this information to my school.
Date: ____________
Signature required
Office use only:
Date Sent


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