Cereal Box Book Report Form


Cereal Box Book Report
Name:___________________________________ Date: ___________________________
A New Cereal on the Shelf
If you could invent a cereal based on the fictional book you
Important Dates:
read, what would it be? After you think of a name and
shape for your cereal, you’ll design a cereal box for it.
Assigned: September 28
empty cereal box, white or light colored
Read book by: October 13
paper, markers or crayons, tape or glue
Due: October 28
1. Find a fictional book that interests you and is at an appropriate reading level for
you. Have your book approved by your teacher.
Book Title:_____________________________________________
Author: ________________________________________________
2. Think about what you will name your cereal. Choose a name that sounds enticing
and that relates to the story in some way. Then, choose a shape for the cereal, as
well as colors and ingredients that also relate to the book. For example, for
Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
, you might invent a cereal called Wizard Wands,
a toasted oat cereal in the shape of miniature lightning bolts.
3. Cover your cereal box with white or light colored paper. Or you might want to
write and draw on appropriate-sized sheets of paper and then glue them onto the
box. Write a rough draft and draw sketches before moving on to your final copy.
Here are the guidelines for each side of the box.
Write the name of your cereal and draw a picture to go with it. You might
draw your characters or other pictures to help sell your project. Make
your cereal box look appealing and fun. Look at actual cereal boxes for


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