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Book Report in a Bag Project
We are going to be doing a book report project. If you don’t
normally have paper grocery bags at home, please be sure to
pick one up the next time you head to the grocery store so you
are ready for this project. This is an at-home project that will
be turned in for a test grade. It is due in about 1 month. Check
the exact due date at the bottom of this sheet.
To begin, your child needs to select an appropriate fiction chapter book (a
book with chapters and a make-believe story with characters – in other
words, please don’t pick a non-fiction book about sharks). The book should
be at a comfortable reading level for your child. A book is “comfortable” if
your child can read most of the words on the page correctly. If your child
has difficulty figuring out more than 5 words on each page, the book may
be a bit too difficult for him/her to read independently. There are lots of
chapter books available at all different reading levels. Many 3rd graders
enjoy reading chapter books like the Magic Tree House, Junie B. Jones, or
A-Z Mystery books. If you aren’t sure whether a book is appropriate for
your child, please have him/her bring it in and show it to me.
Please keep reading to find the complete set of directions and information
about how this project will be graded.
***Project Due Date***
January 17, 2014 @ 9:30AM
Because we know that sometimes emergencies happen, printers run out of ink and supplies break—
we are giving a 1 day grace period for the project. If your project is not turned in January 17, 2014
at 9:30AM you have one school day to turn in the project without penalty. After that date (1-21-14 at
9:30AM), no project will be accepted for a grade.


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