Sample Citizen'S Complaint Letter


KFTC’s Coalfield Survival Series
Sample Citizen’s Complaint Letter
Here is a sample letter to file a formal complaint against a mining operation that is causing
problems or appears to be violating the law. Fill in where suggested with the appropriate infor-
mation. You can supplement your letter with photos or other documentation (send copies, not
originals). Start a file, and keep a copy of this letter.
Contact KFTC if we can be of assistance: 606-878-2161 or
(Your Name)
(Your Address)
(Your Telephone Number)
Steve Hohmann, Commissioner
Department for Natural Resources
2 Hudson Hollow
Frankfort, KY 40601
Joseph Blackburn, Director
U.S. Office of Surface Mining, Lexington Field Office
2675 Regency Road
Lexington KY 40504
Re: Citizen Complaint from (your name)
Dear Commissioner Hohmann and Director Blackburn:
In accordance with Sections 517(h) and 521(a) of the Surface Mining Control and
Reclamation Act, I hereby request that you conduct an inspection without prior notice to the
operator of the __________ mine, permit number __________, located in __________ County.
The mine is operated by _____________.
I am requesting this inspection because of the conditions or practices described below
which I believe have resulted in violations of the following requirements of law:
(For example, if you are having problems with blasting, describe what you believe the
blasting has done to your well. How you believe that their blasting has cracked the
impermeable layers surrounding you aquifer and that has resulted in the draining of your
aquifer – in real person language, how they sunk your well.)


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