Student Employee Confidentiality Agreement

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As part of my employment in the ______________________________________ at the
(Department/Work Area)
University of Minnesota, Duluth, I understand that I will have access to files containing
information which includes but is not limited to confidentiality issues regarding employees
and students. I understand that I have access to this information only because I am employed
in this department/work area. I acknowledge that the information to which I will have
access is designated as private personnel data under the Minnesota Government Data Practices
Act, Minn. Stat. Sec. 13.43, Subd. 3, and I agree that I shall not disclose this information to
anyone who is not employed in this department/work area.
I agree to be bound by this confidentiality agreement and take all reasonable, necessary and
appropriate steps to safeguard private data from disclosure to anyone except as permitted under
this agreement. I understand that violation of this agreement may subject me to possible
disciplinary action affecting my employment at the University of Minnesota, Duluth.
Student signature: _______________________________________
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