Parking Contract Form


Date Issued ______________________ By _________________________
Tag # _____________
Date Issued ____________________Sticker Number___________________
Cash $_________ or Check # _________
Informed Consent_________ EMF _________
Cash $________________ or Check #______________ Issued By _____________________________________ EMF ___________
Student: ________________________________ Grade: __________ Vehicle License Plate #______________________
Year/Make/Model of vehicle: __________________________________________________ Color: ________________
Owner of vehicle: _____________________________ Address of Owner: _____________________________________
Parent/Guardian (if different from owner): _______________________________________________________________
2. (Complete this portion only if registering a second vehicle)
Vehicle License Plate # __________________
Year/Make/Model of vehicle: __________________________________________________ Color: ________________
Owner of vehicle: _____________________________ Address of Owner: _____________________________________
Parent/Guardian (if different from owner): _______________________________________________________________
The following are guidelines that all student drivers (permanent and temporary permit holders) are required to follow. All student
drivers and their parents are required to sign a Parking Contract before a tag will be issued. Parking on campus is a privilege.
Informed Consent Agreement - All students wishing to purchase a Findlay High School parking permit will be required to sign
an Informed Consent Agreement and participate in both random drug testing and/or drug testing upon reasonable suspicion. Students
refusing to participate in drug testing will not be permitted to purchase a Findlay High School parking permit or to park on campus.
Vehicles that have not been registered may be ticketed beginning Tuesday, September 1, 2015.
PARKING REGULATIONS (Please check to indicate you have read and understand each item.)
_______ 1) All vehicles parked on school grounds must be registered with the school and must display/hang the current tag from
the front of the vehicle. Parking privileges may be revoked if the tag is not displayed correctly.
_______ 2) A student may register multiple vehicles under their permit. Please submit registration and proof of insurance for each
vehicle. If a student needs to drive an alternate vehicle, bring both documents to the main office first thing in the morning.
_______ 3) The registration fee of $35 must be paid with cash or check in the exact dollar amount (Price will be reduced to $18
on January 11, 2016 and to $9.00 on March 17, 2016.)
_______ 4) All prior year fees must be paid in full before a student will be able to purchase a Findlay High School parking
permit. Students unable to fully pay prior year fees because of financial difficulties need to meet with the principal in charge
of parking to discuss a payment plan in order to purchase a parking permit.
_______ 5) Parking regulations are enforced. It is considered a privilege to park on school grounds. Suspension of parking
privileges, revocation of tags, towing of vehicles, use of a restraining boot, and/or other disciplinary action may occur for
parking violations.
_______ 6) Parking is strictly limited to the student parking area behind Findlay High School. Students parking in designated
faculty, visitor or handicapped areas may be fined and/or towed. This includes vehicles parked near Millstream, the
administrative offices or Elmer Graham Stadium.
_______ 7) Unpaid tickets may be cause for revocation of parking privileges on FHS property. Fines are as follows:
a) Improper Parking/Display
$5.00 fine
e) Replacement tag
b) Expired Temporary Permit
$5.00 fine
f) Reduced cost during the year
$18.00 (1/11/16) & $9.00 (3/17/16)
c) Parking in Restricted Area
$15.00 fine
g) Temporary Tag
$5 (up to 2 weeks)
d) Failure to register
$35.00 fine
_______ 8) Findlay High School is a private tow-away zone. Parking is by permit only and registration tags are required. During
regular school hours, violators may be towed at owner’s expense. Vehicles may be recovered at Dick’s Towing, 4404 Allen
T.R. 142, Findlay, Ohio, by presenting proof of ownership and paying towing and storage charges. The towing is done under
authority of Ohio Revised Code 4513.60.
_______ 9) All student drivers must be licensed and covered by insurance. The school is NOT responsible for the vehicle or its
contents. Freshmen may not park on school property during a scheduled school day.


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