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Teaching Sample Planning Form
Name: Tabitha
Subject Area: Math
Grade Range: Middle School
Objective: Students will be able to convert between decimals and percents.
Key Points
List 2-3 key points or skills that students should be able to know or do by the end of your 5 minute mini-lesson:
"Percent" means "out of 100" so 47% is the same as 47/100 or "47 out of 100".
To convert a decimal to a percent, represent it as a fraction first. When the denominator is 100, then it’s “out of
100” and can be converted to a percent.
To convert a percent to a decimal, convert to a fraction out of 100 first. Then, use place value reasoning to convert
to a decimal.
Plan Your Lesson
What materials will you need to prepare ahead of time?
I will prepare a chart to be filled in as we convert fractions, decimals and percents. The chart will have a decimal filled in
and then ask for them to fill in the equivalent percent. I will also have a student handout with practice problems.
What you are doing
What students are
How will students
Opening – Introduce the objective and the purpose of your lesson.
learn the objective?
Yesterday we learned how to read decimals based on their place values.
Students will be
listening carefully
Who can raise their hand and remind me – how would we read “.29”?
and responding to
Expected answer: We would say 29 hundredths.
Expected answer: Because the decimal goes to the hundredths place, so it represents 29
Good job! That’s going to come in handy today. We are going to be converting decimals to
percent and percent to decimals.
One thing that’s going to help us figure out how to convert between decimals and percent is
one simple fact – the word “percent” actually means “out of 100”.
Using that fact and what we learned yesterday about how to read decimals, we will be able to
do these conversions!
How will students
Mini-lesson – Explain your key points or skills to students and then have them practice with the
practice the key
points or skills that
they’ve learned?


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