Sample Notification Letter - City Of Burlington


Sample Notification Letter - Festival or Event
(Example: Burlington Summer Celebration
Dear Resident:
RE: Burlington Summer Celebration
On July 13
and 14
, 2000 a special event will take place at Central Park. This year’s event will
feature musical entertainment, food and wine tasting and a fireworks display!
Due to your close proximity to Central Park the Summer Celebration Organizing Committee
would like to make you aware of the event itself, and let you know that approval was granted by
the City of Burlington to allow this event to take place. (List any approvals/by-law
amendments that have been obtained).
Community Awareness (examples of items that residents should be aware
Restricted Access Area(s)/Fireworks presentation
In order to provide the necessary safety zone for the presentation of our event the (list any
restricted areas and the date/time they will be closed off to the public) will be closed
to the public. Should you wish to go to the event we ask that you do not go through
restricted area(s). It is with your safety in mind that we must restrict all access to this area
and we apologize in advance if this causes any inconvenience.
Event Operating Hours (provide operating hours)
Entertainment and Activities will take place on July 13
from 12:00 noon to 11:00PM and on
July 14
from 12:00 noon to 8:00PM. Music will be presented from the main stage in two hour
intervals with thirty minute breaks between performances.
Parking for the Public
There will be limited parking available to the public. A shuttle bus service will be provided free
of charge from the Burlington Mall to Central Park during event operating hours.
The Summer Celebration Organizing Committee and the City of Burlington would like to make
you aware of this event and invite you to this community celebration! Again, we hope that these
activities do not inconvenience you in any way.
If you require any further information please call me at (phone number) or for general
information please call (general information line). You can also obtain information by
calling the City of Burlington ________________________ Department at 905-335-7600,
ext. ___________.


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