Sample Organization Rap Invitation Resolution


My name is _______. I am a member of ____________ and I am working here locally as part of
a national movement to pass a constitutional amendment overturn the Citizens United Supreme
Court ruling that enables corporations to give unlimited funds to influence elections.
I would like to invite you to attend a press event on ______ at ____ City/Town Hall as we
introduce a local resolution calling for a constitutional amendment to overturn the dangerous
Citizens United decision and declare that constitutional rights are for people and elections are not
for sale.
At this event, Council-member ______ will be joined by community leaders/activists as s/he
announces the introduction of a local resolution calling for a constitutional amendment
Similar events have been taking place nationwide, as an increasing number of communities
formally call for such an amendment. On average, a new community has passed a smiliar
resolution every day since March.
These communities are part of a growing movement in which more than 275 city and town
councils, from Los Angeles and New York, to Duluth, Minn., and South Miami, Fla., are calling
for a constitutional amendment to curb corporate influence over elections. In addition, state
legislatures in Hawaii, Maryland and New Mexico have called for an amendment, and voters
have approved similar ballot initiatives in cities and towns such as Missoula, Mont., West Allis,
Wis., and Boulder, Col.
Again, the press event will start at __ p.m. and end at __ p.m at Town/City Hall, [address] and
will be followed by a planning meeting in Room ____ of the Town/City Hall.
I am passing around flyers with information about the event and/or a sign up sheet for people
who would like to get involved in this effort (you can talk to the organizer of the meeting about
what would be appropriate or make a decision based upon what is happening at the meeting).


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