Student Council Sample Agenda Page 2


8. New Business – we have a list of possible activities submitted by
teachers/students for Student Council to discuss and consider for the
_________ school year. (all speakers need to address the president
and ask for permission to speak)
 Shirts
 International Walk to School Week (October3-7,2011)
 Spirit Week
 Community Service
 Red Ribbon Week (October23-31,2011)
 Snow cone sales
 Other Fundraisers
 Fall Festival participation (October28,2011)
 Pennies for patients
9. Announcements
 Next meeting _______________ and it will be a full meeting.
10. Adjourn   ( call   f or   m otion   t o   a djourn)  
11.   M otion   h as   b een   m ade   t o   a djourn   t he   m eeting,   d o   I   h ear   a   s econd?    
12. Motion   h as   b een   m ade   a nd   s econded.      
13. Meeting   a djourned   a t   _ _____________________.  


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