Managing Money & Love Managing Money & Love


Managing Money & Love
Managing Money & Love
Budget Basics
Issue 3:
In this issue, you will learn to make a monthly spending plan.
Monthly expenses that stay about the same each month are easy to
Some families seem to have
remember. You will also learn to plan for non-monthly periodic
a knack for making ends meet.
expenses that can be budget-busters if you don’t have money set
The difference is not how much
aside for them.
money they have but how well
Most “unexpected” expenses are things we’ve “neglected” in our
they manage their resources.
spending plan. What are some expenses that always seem to cause
These families have learned the
stress for your family?
value of planning and
controlling expenses by using a
The next sections can help you decide if it’s the little things or
spending plan.
the big things that cause the most trouble. You may get a few ideas
for ways to plan for or to control them.
Little Things Add Up
Does your money seem to just disappear?
Cutting out a few daily expenses can
do magic!
Figure how much these “little things” cost each
year. (Answers on page 2)
1. Eating out $5/day = $150/month x 12 or
$_______ year.
2. Soft drink $1/day = $30/month x 12 or
$______ year.
3. Movie rental $5/week x 52 = $______ year.
4. Cigarettes $4/day x 365 = $_____ year.
5. Coffee $2/day x 365 = $_____ year.
6. Snacks $1/day x 365 = $_____ year.
7. Alcohol $20/week x 52 = $_____ year.
All of these together add up to $7,015/year.
What else could you do with nearly $600/month?
R E S E A R C H & E X T E N S I O N
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