Example Cover Letter For An Unadvertised Internship


Example Cover Letter for an Unadvertised Internship
1452 65th St.
Westchester, PN 16354
April 1, 2000
Ms. Carol Higgins
XYZ Engineering Firm
647 Revolution Way
Dallas, TX 76352
Dear Ms. Higgins:
I am a sophomore at Western Plains University interested in pursuing a career in Chemical
Engineering. A summer internship with your company would provide me with the opportunity to
apply the knowledge learned in my first two years of coursework at WPU. I have researched
XYZ Engineering Firm and your commitment to excellence and active involvement in the
community are very important criteria to me when selecting a company.
In my first two years at WPU I excelled academically with an overall GPA of 3.5/4.0 with a 3.80
in my major classes. The School of Engineering awarded me the Bob McElroy scholarship for
academic excellence in my sophomore year. I am a very dedicated, hard working person hoping
to make a difference. Recently, the Young Engineer's Club elected me President, which has
given me the opportunity to strengthen my communication and leadership skills. My skills,
knowledge and desire fit the company philosophy of XYZ Engineering Firm.
I hope we can further discuss my qualifications and how they might be utilized in a summer
internship with your company. I will contact you the week of April 8th to explore this possibility.
If you would prefer, you can reach me at (213) 645-2735. Thank you for your attention and
consideration in this matter.
Michael D. Dennis
Enclosure: Resume
**Reprinted with permission granted by John Cunningham.
Cunningham, John R., The Inside Scoop, The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc., 1998


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