Pre-Trip Inspection Form


Pre-trip Inspection form
Vehicle ID:
Hour Meter
DO NOT include tenths
By law, all CDL vehicles are required to have a pre-trip safety inspection. An effective inspection exposes safety concerns and
potential maintenance issues. Repairs can be addressed before they become costly, major repairs.
Supervisor and Service Garage
should be notified immediately of any safety concerns.
Vehicle Overview
As you approach the vehicle , notice its general condition. Look for fresh oil, coolant, grease or fuel leaks.
DAILY: CDL=Entire checklist, WEEKLY: Non-CDL (>10,000 GVW or equipped with liftgate), Bold only
Pass Fail N/A
Pass Fail
(check one)
(check one)
Check brake lights
Verify three red reflective triangles
Emergency Flashers
Check steering linkage
Turn Signals
Check suspension (leaf and coil springs )
Head Lights
Check u-bolts and hangers
Check all mirrors
Check frame for cracks
Check windshield condition
Check brake chambers
Check for wheel chocks
Check brake hoses
Steering wheel loosness, damage
Check brake drums
Wiper blades and washer operation
Air brake check
Horn operation
Check oil pressure gage
Heater / Defroster operation
Check lug nuts for tightness
Parking brake operation
Check axle seals for leaks
Seat Belt operation
Check for debris between dual tires
Check all external lights and reflectors
Check condition of mud flaps
Check tire rims for damage
Check all hoses for leaks
Check tires
Check to ensure compartment doors secure
Check cargo area for loose material
Check battery box and connections
Check lift gate (up/down, stow completely)
Check fuel tanks (caps secured )
Check Coupling System (5th wheel, hitch)
Check exhaust system
Check windshield fluid
Check fuel gage
Check all belts for tightness and wear
Check dumpbed operation, up - down
Check oil level
Check dumpbed pivot points, and end gate
Check coolant
Make sure tanks are not below 1/4 tank
Check power steering fluid
Check operation of boom
Verify fire extinguisher on truck
Check voltmeter
Safety Concerns/Issues:
*Seat belt use is required
Operator Signature:
*Cell phone use is prohibited while operating
Supervisor Signature:
University vehicles
*Use of wheel chocks required
Inspection paperwork should remain in the vehicle until end of shift when it is delivered to the supervisor for
forwarding to the Service Garage
Revised 2/2016


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