Create Your Weekly To Do Lists


Create Your Weekly To Do Lists
Every day you are on the program I want you to create and keep a To Do List for that day. I strongly
recommend that you do it first thing in the morning.
The purpose of this exercise is to help rehabilitate your word, especially to yourself. You need to teach
yourself that your word is law in the universe and that what you say you’ll get done, you will in fact get
Each day you’re going to take an action or complete a task that you’ve been putting off that would make
a difference to you if you completed them. These can be small, easy actions, like returning a phone call,
or straightening up a closet, or they can be significant, like cleaning up a misunderstanding with a friend
or parent that’s been festering between the two of you for a long time.
Don’t get “stuck” on the meaning of the phrase “make a difference”. To get a place on the list, an action
doesn’t have to be something gigantic like getting engaged or divorced, or going back to school, but it
could be. Sometimes just getting a phone bill paid, or clearing out that old pile of Sunday newspapers
near the bed creates a little whisper of mental fresh air that comes from finally doing something you’ve
been putting off. There’s no “right” way to make your list. Just do it.
If you need to, start small. You could start simply by putting, “have a glass of water” on the list. Then go
drink the glass of water and check it off! The point is to get you doing what you said you’d do.


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