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Attendance Record
You will receive an e-mail confirmation when your attendance submission has
Thank you
been processed and the CEUs have been added to attendees' transcripts.
for delivering quality education programs to CMAs
(AAMA) and other health care professionals. Here
are some tips to help the registration of AAMA
CEUs go smoothly. Before passing out the atten-
dance sheet, share the following information with
all attendees:
Provide your session approval number to all attendees.
*Typing directions:
A member ID number is required to register credits. (Social Security numbers [last four digits] will only be
1. Select the Hand tool.
accepted from nonmembers.)
2. Click on the page just to
the right of the requested
Do not use abbreviations.
information, such as “Last
Use the appropriate attendance sheet for members and nonmembers.
Participants must attend a minimum of 90 percent of this educational activity/program.
3. Type in the information.
4. Print the form immediately.
The attendance sheet can only be submitted by the program planner.
The program planner must mail, e-mail, or fax attendance records to the AAMA within 30 days.
You cannot save what you type.
You may print out this form and fill it legibly, or you may type* information into the gray rectangles and then print out the form.
Program planners must submit the following information to ensure CEUs are registered. Please complete this form and return this page
with the Attendance Record sheets:
Class title: _______________________________________________________________________________________________
Date of program: __________________________________________________________________________________________
Authorization code: _______________________________________________________________________________________
Approval number (required): ________________________________________________________________________________
E-mail: __________________________________________________________ Number of pages (including cover): _________
Return this page and Attendance Record sheets to
or fax them to
REV 02/13


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