Performance Appraisal: Meaningful Conversation Employee'S Self-Evaluation Worksheet


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Performance Appraisal: Meaningful Conversation
Employee’s Self-Evaluation Worksheet
Name: ________________________________________Title:______________________ Department:______________
Date of hire:_________
Time in current position (years/months):_________
Performance period (dates) being discussed:___________
The Performance Appraisal: Meaningful Conversation process consists of three-steps:
completion of a self-evaluation worksheet by the employee as an opportunity for self evaluation and goal establishment;
completion of the Performance Appraisal: Meaningful Conversation form by the employee’s direct supervisor; and
a one-on-one meaningful conversation between the employee and supervisor as a means to discuss the employee’s job performance during the
period being evaluated.
Please include additional comments on a seperate sheet as necessary.
This form can be accessed online at
1. Progress toward pre-established goals/objectives:
2. Other activities and accomplishments during reporting period:
3. Describe your strengths:
4. How have you adapted your job in light of your department’s and the College’s changing needs?
5. Describe or list area(s) in which you can or would like to improve:
6. Describe or list areas in which you feel you may benefit from support, guidance, and direction in order for you to
better perform your job duties.
7. What are your primary goals/objectives for the next review period and what will be the measurable outcomes that
demonstrate you will achieve those goals?
9. Suggested resources and facilities improvements or needs to accomplish your goals:
10. Please list changes that you think should be made to your job description.
January 2008


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