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11 Wellworth Place
Cheektowaga, NY 14225
City & Zip:
Phone #:
Cell #:
Snow Plowing Contract
November 15th, 20__ through April 1st, 20__
Contract is based on a SEASONAL or PER PLOW basis (circle desired basis).
SEASONAL contract offers an “unlimited” number of plows.
Service(s) will be provided at the above address after the accumulation of three (3) inches of freshly fallen snow. Blowing and drifting snow does not
constitute freshly fallen snow.
K.A.P. Landscaping & Snowplowing L.L.C. (hereby noted as Contractor) is not at fault or negligence when a winter storm delays, excuses in part, or
excuses in whole performance of services.
Please keep areas to be serviced free of vehicles and other obstacles.
Contractor “IS” responsible for the following at the above noted address:
lawn damage to property that is a direct result of service(s) provided
Contractor “IS NOT” responsible for the following at the above noted address:
damage to the driveway from snow plowing, shoveling, or salting
accident or injury related to snow or ice
removal of snow via pay loading or hi-lifting
If contracted to salt and/or shovel, service(s) will be performed in conjunction with snow plowing. Contractor “IS NOT” responsible for blowing and
drifting snow after service(s) has been rendered. A non-slippery surface “IS NOT” guaranteed and Customer indemnifies Contractor from all claims.
Pricing of Services:
Snow Plowing
Total (includes NYS sales tax)
Full payment needs to be received by November 15
20__ for service(s) to be provided.
Customer Signature (X) ________________________________
Date: _____________________
(Please Return Signed Top Copy to K.A.P. Landscaping & Snowplowing LLC)


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