Sample Reference Request Letter Template


The details that you ask will depend on the type of position and level of seniority.
This sample letter outlines the main areas that you may want to find out about. You
can however tailor your letter and follow up the written reference request with a
telephone call. Some organisations will respond to this and others will only give you
the bare facts about the referee. It will depend on their internal policy for giving out
Company name
Dear (Name of referee)
Ref: (Name of Applicant) – application for the post of (Job Title)
I would be very grateful if you could provide a reference for (Name of Applicant),
who has applied for the above post at (Name of Organisation).
I am enclosing a copy of the job description and the person specification for the post,
and would really appreciate your views on (Name of applicant)’s suitability for this
position. Please indicate your knowledge of his/her qualifications and ability to carry
out the duties specified in the job description and how you feel he/she would meet
the requirements as stated on the person specification. (Instead you may wish to
give a brief description of the post and key skills required for the job role and
ask the referee to comment on their suitability.)
(Name of Applicant) states that he/she is currently employed by (You / Name of
Organisation) as a (Job Title) with responsibility for (insert as appropriate) during
their employment with you. They have also gained experience (insert as
appropriate). I would be grateful if you could let me know whether those statements
are accurate along with details of (Name of Applicant)’s current salary.


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