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Sample letter of demand
21 October 2013
Mr George Getz
9 Norman Road
Redwood Qld 4350
Dear Mr Getz
Accident on 1 October 2013 at Redwood, Queensland
I am the owner of a red 2008 Mitsubishi Magna (registration ABC246) that was damaged in
a collision involving your vehicle (registration XYZ890), at about 9.30am on 1 October 2013
at the intersection of Black and White Streets, Redwood.
At the time of the accident, I was driving my car on White Street towards the supermarket.
Your car collided with mine when you sped up and ran a red light on Black Street, causing
significant damage to my front bumper bar, left lights and indicator. After the accident you
said you were entirely responsible for the accident. I have signed statements from two
witnesses who agree you were at fault.
As a result, I am writing to you to organise the payment of repairs to my car. I have
enclosed a photocopy of the quote for the cost of repairs. This covers the cost of a new
bumper and repairs to the lights and indicators. I have also included copies of the receipts
for towing my vehicle after the accident ($200).
If you are insured, please send the details to your insurer and let me know when they will
contact me. If you are not insured, please send me a cheque or money order for $2700
within 14 days so I can repair the car. If you do not pay by this date I will look at my legal
options to recover the cost of repairing my car.
My address is 200 Tenth Avenue, Redwood, 4350.
My contact number is (07) 3238 300.
Yours sincerely
Jane Wright


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