Letter Of Employment Template


Letter of Employment
The Letter of Employment is to be submitted when the Certificate Applicant requires the name of
his Organisation to be displayed in his certificate. This letter should accompany the POR
Document and the Signature Verification Letter. This letter is to be:
1. In the prescribed format only and printed on the letterhead of the Organisation in the
Certificate Request
2. Completed and Signed by the Authorised Signatory of the Organisation, who attested the
other documents
3. The Authorised Signatory must affix:
The Organisations seal on the document
His signature and full name
His official telephone number and e-mail id, so that SafeScrypt may contact him
in this regard
4. Only a hard copy is valid and must be filed. However, the order can be processed with a
faxed copy provided the original will be couriered to you at the earliest.
5. Submit all documentation to SafeScrypt either through the SafeScrypt authorized agents
or by courier to the following address:


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