Home Inspection Checklist Template


Home Inspection Checklist
_______ Roof need replacing? (missing shingles, fiberglass visible) Is flat roof? __________
_______ Siding needed? Wood trim on exterior needed? _________________________________________
_______ Windows needed? _____ glass panes only _____ entire windows (double-paned or rotted entirely)
_______ New front door needed? _______ Back door needed? (both only when rotted out or missing)
_______ Exterior need painting?
_______ Cracks in brick or stone exterior?
_______ Does it have central air?
_______ Lots of trash and left behind junk need to be hauled off?
_______ Electric meter still hooked up (red-tagged or missing can)?
_______ Gas meter still exists?
_______ Garage need repairs? _________________________________________ (only main stuff)
_______ Neighbors super trashy or hanging out in the front yard drinking all day? Broken down cars?
_______ Flooring needed? Any flooring already nice that can be left? ________________________________
_______ Sheetrock repair needed? Extent – Just some small cracks? # of cracks _____ Most needs replaced? _____
_______ Is there ugly paneling? Is there sheetrock behind it? ______
_______ Foundation sloping visibly? If so check around the outside of the slab for big cracks. ________
_______ How many interior doors needed? (just damaged doors, not dirty ones)
_______ Any trim needed? A lot or just a little (20 linear ft or less)?
_______ How many light fixtures need replacing?
_______ Are the electric outlets two prong or three? Is the interior panel fuses or circuit breakers? _____________
_______ Is there a central ac unit? Are there round air ducts in the ceilings? _____________
_______ Does the water heater need to be replaced?
_______ How many bedrooms? Do you have to go through a bedroom to get to another one? _________
_______ Is there a general bad layout issue with the house? Discuss
Need new tub? ______ Need new tub surround? _____ Need new sink? _____ Need new light? _______
Need new tub? ______ Need new tub surround? _____ Need new sink? _____ Need new light? _______
Need new tub? ______ Need new tub surround? _____ Need new sink? _____ Need new light? _______
Need cabinets? ________________________________________________ Can we just paint them? _______
Need new countertop? _________
Need new sink? _________
Does it have any appliances? Fridge _______ Stove ______ Dishwasher ______ Microwave _________
Which are in good shape and not outdated?
Is there a spot for a dishwasher that is missing? ___________
Pictures needed: Front ___ Sides ___ Back ___ Backyard ___ Every Room ___ Garage ___ Neighbors____


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