Seller'S Home Inspection Checklist Template


Seller's Home Inspection Checklist
We have scheduled a property inspection on:
DAY:____________________DATE:________________ TIME:________________
Please ensure the following are addressed prior to the
Please ensure all utility services are turned on (water, electric and gas).
Please make sure attic access is clear.
Please make sure access to crawl space is clear.
Please make sure that all furnaces and heaters are accessible.
Please provide clear access to main electrical supply panel and all sub-panels.
Please ensure the garage is accessible and the overhead door is operable.
Please ensure all pets are secured.
Please provide a copy of Seller's Disclosures Statement.
Please provide all appliance operating manuals or instructions for use.
Please leave instructions explaining any special switches or controls.
Please provide permits or final approvals for all additions and/or remodels.
Items That Could Enhance the Outcome of the Inspection:
• Heating-Cooling systems cleaned and serviced. _____
• Built-in appliances operable and clean. _____
• Exhaust fans operable and clean. _____
• Laundry dryer vent operable and clean. _____
• Water heater strapped and installed correctly. _____
• Smoke detectors installed in correct locations. _____
• Pool cleaned and equipment operable and accessible. _____
• Gutters, where installed, repaired and cleared of debris. _____
• Chimney(s) cleaned. _____
• All windows and doors operating and broken parts repaired. _____
• Address any items in need of repair or routine maintenance. _____


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