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Established the Mission Support Group sports day within the 81
training wing for more than 3k individuals. Structured and set
up sporting events including intramural soccer, tug of war, volleyball, and soccer. Managed trophies and awards.
Evaluated eligibility standards and training requirements for unit, identifying and correcting 97 errors in 19 training records that
exceeded training update goals.
Volunteered as Combined Federal Campaign representative for squadron, exceeding unit fundraising goal by $300.
Orchestrated Relay for Life fundraiser for squadron, benefitting the American Cancer Society with $2,400 in donations.
Communications Squadron, JKL Air Base, Germany (2003—2005)
Relevant Achievements:
Performed wing-level expertise to 56 unit information assurance managers and network security information to 3,500
personnel in 6 geographically separated units.
Spearheaded “tip of the week” program, disseminating timely network security information to 3,500 users.
Completed rigorous TPC certification program in 34 days vs. 90-day norm, with a score of 93%.
Coached Incirlik 18-player high school soccer team, teaching sportsmanship and preparing team for Department of Defense
6-day tournament. Trained 5 days/week, 2 hours/day, providing coaching, conditioning, and fundamentals.
Led off-base youth soccer program for children of military members on base, providing skill assessments for 300 youths and
coaching a team of 10-12 year-old youths to win first place in division with an undefeated season.
Taught Information Assurance (IA) awareness classes to First-Term Airmen, educating on AF “do’s and don’ts” of computer
and information security. Taught 35 classes with ~400 participants in 1 year.
Air Support Operations Squadron, Long Air Force Base, Charleston, NC (2000—2003)
Relevant Achievements:
Coached eight-member, AF base youth soccer team and raised $2,300 for booster club. Active member of squadron’s football
and softball teams.
Asked to coach high school soccer team, bringing continuity to the team and teaching them how to be more physically fit and
technically solid.
Member— National Youth Sports Coaches Association (NYSCA)
Army Achievement Medal— Meritorious Service for deployment in Iraq (Jan. 2009 – Sept. 2009)
AF Commendation Medal – Meritorious Service (Mar. 2005 – Oct. 2008)
AF Commendation Medal – Meritorious Service (Nov. 2003 – Feb. 2005)
Airman of the Quarter – 39
Mission Support Group (Jan. – Mar. 2004)
John Levitow Leadership Award – Airman Leadership School – for academic excellence and leadership, voted by peers and
instructors. Pinnacle of achievement for Enlisted Professional Military Education (PME) in the USAF. (2004)
Leadership Award – Airman Leadership School – for leadership performance as selected by peers. (2004)
Outstanding TPC Team Award – for flawlessly executing a Nuclear Security Inspection emergency exercise. (2004)
AF Commendation Medal – Outstanding Achievement while deployed in Afghanistan (Sept. 2002 – Feb. 2003)
AF Achievement Medal – Meritorious service (Nov. 2000 – Oct. 2003)


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