Resume Rubric Template Page 2


Use of punctuation is consistent – if you use periods at the end of your phrases, make sure they are at the end of
all phrases; exclamation points are not used
Punctuation used to separate information is consistent
There are no commas between month and year or semester and year
Examples: November 2014; Summer 2014 ; Fall 2013
All verbs in each specific experience are in the same tense – current positions/roles should be in the present
tense; past positions/roles are in the past tense
All proper nouns are capitalized
Date format can include month, semester or season, but be consistent throughout the resume; capitalize seasons
when associated with a date
Examples: 11/2014; November 2014; Fall 2014
Number of spaces between categories or items is consistent
There is plenty of white space – your resume is not overcrowded
Margins are appropriate (between 1 inch and ½ inch) and consistent
The font style and spacing is the same throughout the resume
Use bold, italics, capitalization to make important items stand out – be consistent
Headings stand out from the text, using bold, italics, capitalization, lines, etc.
At arm’s length, the text and white space look balanced
Your name is larger than the rest of the text – 14-18 point font is appropriate for your name
Font size is between 10-12 point font
Resume is one page and only the front side of the paper is used
There are no graphics or photos included
Profile/Summary (optional): 3-5 sentence fragments; clear statement that targets a specific position, role, job
function, organization or industry; focused on what you can offer to the reader
Awards/Honors: Includes the official name for each honor or award and official name of organization or group
Activities/Community Service/Volunteer Experience/Additional Experience: Includes official name of each
organization, city and state, position or leadership role held, dates of involvement; does not use acronyms unless
defined within the resume
Skills/Qualifications: languages, publications, research projects, computer program (list software/languages),
tools/equipment, military services
Academic Experience/Related Coursework/Related Projects: Includes the title of the course and/or project and
the semester completed; does not include course #; identifies independent vs. group, role within group, applicable
skills/knowledge, and any specific technical skills
How to submit a resume and/or cover letter:
Email as an attachment:
Save your cover letter, resume and references (if requested) in a common word processing program such as
Microsoft Word or as a PDF (preferable). Increasingly, employers are specifying format.
Give the document a name the employer will associate with you once they are downloaded, for example:
In the Subject line, put the name of the position for which you are applying. In your email message, briefly say
why you are writing. Ask the employer to contact you about any trouble opening attachment(s).


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