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The Hollister Apartments (located at 115 W. Anapamu St., Santa Barbara, CA) provide a supported
housing program for low-income persons with mental disabilities. All units are studio apartments. All
units are eligible for rent subsidies through the Housing Authority of the City of Santa Barbara Project
Based Section 8 Program.
All tenants must be low income and mentally disabled.
All utilities including basic cable are provided and included in the rent amount.
Project Based Section 8
Tenants in the Hollister building are able to obtain rental subsidies through the Housing Authority of
the City of Santa Barbara under the Project Based Section 8 program, (PBA8). Under the PBA8
program, tenants are eligible for Section 8 rent subsidies. However, tenants do not hold a Housing
Assistance Voucher personally. Rather, the vouchers are held by the Hollister building as a “Project”
and designated as Project Based Section 8 vouchers.
The Housing Authority will evaluate the applicant’s income and determine a rent subsidy amount.
Essentially, tenant portion of rent will equate to roughly 30% of their income with the balance of rent
being paid from the subsidy.
Submit Application to:
Hollister Property Management
c/o Sanctuary Centers of Santa Barbara Inc.
P. O. Box 551
Santa Barbara, CA 93102
The attached application must be completed in its entirety. All questions must be answered and
all requested or supporting documents must be included. If you think that the question does not apply,
indicate so by marking “N/A” in the space provided for an answer. Applications will be processed in
the order they are received, after it is determined that the application is complete. Incomplete
applications will be mailed a Notice of Incomplete Application which will itemize all items
needed to complete the application. If applications are not completed within 30 days of the
Notice of Incomplete Application, they are considered withdrawn.
Once the application is deemed complete, the applicant will be assigned a priority number on the
waiting list for an apartment. We will attempt to contact applicants by mail, or email when we know
that an apartment will be available and they are next on the waiting list. However, it is the applicant’s
responsibility to maintain contact with us and insure that we have correct and current contact
Hollister Apartments Rental Application, rev. 1/2016


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