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Division of Quality Assurance
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F-62537 (08/2016)
Completion of this form is required by Wisconsin Administrative Code Code ch. SPS 303 to request a variance from a building
code or for approval of alternative design, which is not in strict conformance with the letter of the code but meets the intent of the
code. (This form is the equivalent to Department of Safety and Professional Services form SBD-9890X, Application for Review,
Petition for Variance.)
A variance is not a waiver from a code requirement. The petitioner must provide an equivalency which meets the intent of the
code. Pictures, sketches, and plans may be submitted to support equivalency. If the proposed equivalency does not adequately
safeguard the health, safety, and welfare of building occupants, frequenters, firefighters, etc., the variance will be denied. Failure to
provide adequate information may delay the petition.
A petition for variance does not take the place of a required plan review submittal.
NOTE: A separate petition is required for each building and each code issue petitioned.
If you have questions about completion of this form, call 608-266-8016.
Petition Checklist
The Division is unable to process variance petitions that are not properly completed. Check the following items for completeness before
submitting the petition:
Petitioner's name (typed or printed)
Petitioner's signature
The Petition for Building Code Variance (DQA form F-62537) must be signed by the owner of the building or system unless a
Power of Attorney is submitted.
Notary Public signature with affixed seal
Analysis to establish equivalency, including any pictures, illustrations, or sketches of the existing and proposed conditions to clearly
convey your proposal to the reviewer
Proper fee
Any required position statements by fire chief or municipal official
Position Statement
Position statements must be completed and signed by the appropriate fire chief or municipal enforcement official. Signatures or
seals on all documents must be original. Photocopies are not acceptable.
Fire Safety Issues: A position statement from the local fire department is required.
Non-Fire Safety Issues: A position statement is not required for non-fire safety issues such as plumbing and energy conservation.
Barrier-Free Petitions: Position statements from both the local fire department and municipality are required.
Rules Related to One- and Two-Family Dwellings: Only a position statement from the municipality is required.
Standard and Priority Reviews
A standard review will be scheduled and processed in approximately 30 working days. A priority review is scheduled and processed in
approximately 10 working days and costs twice as much as a standard review.
Payment of Fees
Make check payable to the Division of Quality Assurance. Fees for review of the Petition for Building Code Variance are as follows:
Priority Review
Standard Review
10 Working Days
30 Working Days
Wis. Admin. Code chs. SPS 361-366, Commercial Building Code
* Revisions are only accepted for one (1) year after action on the original petition.
Submit the (1) notarized Petition for Building Code Variance (F-62537), (2) a check, and (3) supporting documentation to:
First Class Mail
Delivery Service
DQA / Bureau of Education Services and Technology
DQA / Bureau of Education Services and Technology
P.O. Box 2969
1 West Wilson Street, Room 450
Madison, WI 53701-2969
Madison, WI 53703


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