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Work Authorization
For Severe Economic Hardship
(Offline (paper) I-765 application process)
Important: If you have severe economic hardship caused by circumstances beyond your
control that arose after starting F-1 status, you may apply for work
authorization 9 months after beginning full-time studies as an F-1 visa holder
at UNO. To determine if you are eligible for work authorization, provide an
international student advisor in ASH 241 a letter explaining your financial
circumstances of hardship, a letter from your sponsor explaining his/her
financial situation and any proof of the hardship that you can provide. After
receiving approval to apply for work authorization, follow these steps.
1) Complete the Form I-765.
2) Obtain a cashiers check, money order, or write a personal check for $380
made payable to “U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).”
3) Get two pictures taken (see specifications on page 3).
4) Make an appointment with an international student advisor by calling 554-
2293. Bring all required documentation to your appointment.
5) Receive the SEVIS Form I-20 giving recommendation for economic hardship
employment from an international student advisor in ASH 241.
6) Our office will send the required documentation to USCIS for you.
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REVISED 01/07/11


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