Road Trip Packing And Prep Checklist Template


Road Trip Packing and Prep Checklist
Regular Clothes (kids' stuff in small bags that fit in large duffle bag, parents' stuff in their bags):
___ 3-4 pairs of underwear per person
___ 3-4 pairs of socks per person in sock bag
___ 3-4 shirts per person (one nicer shirt, the rest T-shirts)
___ 2-3 pairs of pants/shorts per person
___ 1 swim suit and swim shirt for each person
___ 1 pair of pajamas for each person
___ Diapers and wipes (track the number the baby uses on a typical day; pad that number)
___ 1 pair closed-toe hiking/running/athletic shoes per person in shoe bag
___ 1 sweatshirt or jacket per person in sweatshirt bag that always stays in the car
Sunday Clothes (all to go in garment bag):
___ Sunday shirt and pants for each boy
___ Belts and ties
___ Sunday dress or skirt and top for each girl plus slip if needed
___ Nice shoes for everyone (with dark socks inside shoes)
Snacks (in a small cooler where mom or dad can easily reach it)
___ Fruits (washed, ready-to-eat – grapes, apples, etc.)
___ Veggies (washed, ready-to-eat – baby carrots, cucumber slices, sugar snap peas, etc.)
___ Filled water bottles
___ Other snacks (anything that would go bad if you left it and is feasible to eat in the car)
Car Supplies (tucked into easily-accessible spots in the car)
___ Wet wipes
___ Tissues, napkins or paper towels
___ Filled water bottles in all cup holders
___ Pillows (old throw pillows or camp pillows in pillow cases work great – small is good)
___ Sunscreen and bug spray
___ First-aid kit (band-aids, pain-killers, ointment, etc.)
___ Books to read and journals to write in plus pencils and pens
___ Towels if needed for swimming, etc (1 per 2-3 people)
___ Picnic blanket to keep in car and use as needed
___ Phone and phone cord
___ Computer and cord (if needed)
___ Camera and camera charger plus extra memory cards, if needed
___ Kindle/Ipad/other electronics plus cords
___ DVD's and CD's
___ Baby equipment if needed (portable crib, stroller, blankets)
___ Sleeping bags if needed
Tasks Just Before Leaving
___ Confirm that neighbor is planning to pick up mail and water plants
___ Air conditioning turned off or turned to high temperature; all lights off
___ All windows closed and all doors locked
___ Everyone goes to the bathroom  
Enjoy your trip!


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