Sample Personal Introduction Letter Template


Mr. Stephen King
45, Solemn Street
Subject: Personal Introduction Letter
Dear Sir,
Let me take this opportunity to introduce myself as a Community Office
worker in our locality. I am tasked to oversee the general health situation
and the problems of the settlers in this area. Being the most trusted
person in the area, I would like to get your permission to allow me to
check the social offices and buildings in the locality regularly in order for
us to make sure, that hygiene practices are beign observed. Being
concerned people of our nation, we take the responsibility to observe an
acceptable living condition among all the settlers in the community. In
order to make this program survive, I will need your assistance because
without you aid it will be very difficult for someone to implement
changes in the community.
About what have been mentioned above, I am praying that the people
will embrace my introduction of myself and I wish that you would give
your support in providing outstanding services for the goof of the
Truly Yours,
Mr. Andrew Green


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