Sales Introduction Letter Template


Sales introduction letter/template
(Company name, address, date and your reference)
Dear Mr Smith
New Flash Bang Wallop (whatever) System/Solution/Concept
Flash Bang Wallop is according to (state quotable reputable endorsee) the best
new (whatever) for the (state relevant application/territory/time).
(Or substitute some other bold statement of quality/effectiveness which can be
supported with a reputable endorsee/user).
Leading companies such as (state quotable endorsees/users) now use Flash
Bang Wallop, because they've achieved improvements of (state factual range)
and/or savings of (state factual range).
For a cost equating to (show cost as per day, per user, and/or per team, etc) your
staff/customers will (state key unique benefit).
The remarkable Flash Bang Wallop uses (briefly, method/difference/special
quality) to:
significant specific relevant outcome - 1
significant specific relevant outcome - 2
significant specific relevant outcome - 3
significant specific relevant outcome - 4
significant specific relevant outcome - 5
To test Flash Bang Wallop's effectiveness in your organisation, you can arrange
a free no-obligation trial now.
I'll call you soon, or please feel free to contact me to arrange it.
Yours sincerely,
(Signature, name, title.)


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