Sample Letter Of Introduction Template


Sample Letter of Introduction:
Name and address of sponsoring agency/preceptor
Dear (name of sponsoring agency or preceptor):
I have enrolled in a new comprehensive forensic program offered by the University of
Adult/Adolescent. This program is designed to provide students with the didactic and
clinical skills prerequisite to the legal admissibility of forensic findings in our
criminal courts.
All participants must apply for admission to the program and successfully complete
four units of coursework including readings, video, discussions, assignments, a final
project, and several exams. The final requirement is to complete a supervised 45-hour
internship, consisting of both clinical and non-clinical activities. It is in connection
with this internship that I respectfully enlist your assistance to provide me the
opportunity to gain the technical experience, observations, and to confirm my
completion of those requirements required for this internship.
I hope you will assist me as one of my internship sponsoring agencies/preceptors,
providing me with the benefit of your knowledge and skills. If you agree to favor me
with your sponsorship, I will provide the internship confirmation forms required by
the UC Riverside Extension.
Additional program information may be found at the UC Riverside website:
Please contact UC Riverside Extension if you have any
questions regarding this request or the program at
I look forward to your reply. Please contact me at (include phone number where you
can be reached and/or email). I am very grateful for your assistance.
Yours Very Truly,
Your signature (include credentials, i.e. RN, PHN, etc.)
Your printed name


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