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Sample Letter of Introduction
MARCH 14,1995
I am writing this letter of introduction to give you an idea of my career goals, how I am going about
achieving them, and why my search is the right one for me. Future Farmers of America (FFA) has given
me good leadership abilities; it has taught me how to take full responsibility and to be ambitious. I have
had my own animals since I was ten years old, and now I have my
Describe qualities and strengths
own breeding and market beef projects. I am doing quite well with
them. I feel I have taken the first steps towards achieving goals, but I know I have a long way to go.
This year I am a junior in high school, completing my vocational courses in Animal Science. I plan to
major in Agriculture. I will accomplish this by going to Santa Rosa Junior college for two years and
finishing my degree at a four-year college. I don’t know exactly
Describe goals and how to
which job I want yet, but I know that I like agriculture. I want a job
reach them.
that involves working with people and offers opportunity for
My best work sample was a light experiment with snakes. With my teacher’s help, I designed an
experiment to show how different levels of light affect a snake’s
Tells about my best work.
behavior. I was careful to document each step and record all
changes. I learned a lot by doing this; I learned about how to do an
Tells about what was learned
experiment. I had to be very organized and watch the snakes every
by doing the work sample.
I learned a lot by doing this portfolio. It had already helped me
Highlights special qualities
before I even finished it. (I took my portfolio to an interview and
got a summer job!). I know that eventually I will find exactly the
Relates portfolio work to
right job for me. More and more, I think I would like to go into
Morgan Day


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