Sample Letter Of Introduction Template


Smith Scott,
Flex Mobiles Limited.
June, 17 2003
Mr. Carl Robinson,
Managing Director,
BF International,
Dear Mr.Robinson,
I take immense pleasure in introducing to you Flex Mobiles Limited, a
five year old multinational company in the business of manufacturing
mobiles. We have around 62 prime offices globally in different states in
UK. We are in the process of expansion internationally.
We undertake bulk operations and specialize in undertaking corporate
offers to cater the needs of different companies. Our sole aim is to
provide exquisite and unheard of features to the concept of mobile
technology. Please find attached a copy of our company profile and our
achievements in the past.
I would like to arrange a personal introductory session to further
emphasize on our company’s merits. In this regard I wish to propose to
call your office by the end of this week.
I look forward for the meeting and the association with your esteemed
Smith Scott,
Managing Director.


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