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If your installment agreement is accepted, you will be
Adjustment for sick pay. Enter the adjustment for the
charged a fee and you will be subject to penalties and
employee share of social security and Medicare taxes that
interest on the amount of tax not paid by the due date of
were withheld and deposited by your third-party sick pay
the return.
payer with regard to sick pay paid by the third party.
These wages should be included on line 2, line 4, and, if
Line 16. Overpayment
the withholding threshold is met, line 6.
If line 12 is more than line 11, enter the difference on
Line 11. Total Taxes After
line 16. Never make an entry on both lines 15 and 16.
If you deposited more than the correct amount for the
Combine lines 9 and 10; enter the result on line 11.
year, you can have the overpayment refunded or applied
to your next return by checking the appropriate box on
Line 12. Total Deposits
line 16. Check only one box on line 16. If you don't check
Enter your total Form 943 deposits for the year, including
either box or if you check both boxes, generally we will
any overpayment that you applied from filing Form 943-X
apply the overpayment to your account. We may apply
and any overpayment that you applied from your 2015
your overpayment to any past due tax account that is
shown in our records under your EIN.
Lines 13a, 13b, and 14. Reserved
If line 16 is under $1, we will send you a refund or apply
it to your next return only if you ask us in writing to do so.
Line 15. Balance Due
Line 17. Monthly Summary of Federal
If line 11 is more than line 12, enter the difference on
Tax Liability
line 15. Otherwise, see Overpayment below. You don't
have to pay if line 15 is under $1. Generally, you should
This is a summary of your yearly tax liability, not a
show a balance due on line 15 only if your total taxes after
summary of deposits made. If line 11 is less than $2,500,
adjustments for the year (line 11) is less than $2,500.
don't complete line 17 or Form 943-A.
However, see section 7 of Pub. 51 regarding payments
made under the accuracy of deposits rule.
Complete line 17 only if you were a monthly schedule
depositor for the entire year and line 11 is $2,500 or
If you were required to make federal tax deposits, pay
more. The amount entered on line 17M must equal the
the amount shown on line 15 by EFT. If you weren't
amount reported on line 11. See section 7 of Pub. 51 for
required to make federal tax deposits, you may pay the
details on the deposit rules. You're a monthly schedule
amount shown on line 15 by EFT, credit card, debit card,
depositor for the calendar year if the amount of your “Total
check, money order, or EFW. For more information on
taxes after adjustments” reported for the lookback period
electronic payment options, visit the IRS website at
isn't more than $50,000. The lookback period is the
second calendar year preceding the current calendar
If you pay by EFT, credit card, or debit card, file your
year. For example, the lookback period for 2017 is 2015.
return using the Without a payment address under Where
If you were a semiweekly schedule depositor
To File, earlier. Don't file Form 943-V, Payment Voucher.
during any part of the year, don't complete line 17.
If you pay by check or money order, make it payable to
Instead, complete Form 943-A.
“United States Treasury.” Enter your EIN, “Form 943,” and
the tax period on your check or money order. Complete
Reporting adjustments on line 17. If your net
Form 943-V and enclose with Form 943.
adjustment during a month is negative and it exceeds your
If you didn't make deposits as required and
total liability for the month, don't enter a negative amount
instead pay the taxes with Form 943, you may be
for the month. Instead, enter “-0-” for the month and carry
subject to a penalty.
over the unused portion of the adjustment to the next
What if you can't pay in full? If you can't pay the full
Third-Party Designee
amount of tax you owe, you can apply for an installment
agreement online.
If you want to allow an employee, a paid tax preparer, or
another person to discuss your Form 943 with the IRS,
You can apply for an installment agreement online if:
check the “Yes” box in the Third-Party Designee section.
You can't pay the full amount shown on line 15,
Then tell us the name, phone number, and the five-digit
The total amount you owe is $25,000 or less, and
personal identification number (PIN) of the specific person
You can pay the liability in full in 24 months.
to speak with—not the name of the firm who prepared
To apply using the Online Payment Agreement
your tax return. The designee may choose any five
Application, go to, click on Tools, then click on
numbers as his or her PIN.
Online Payment Agreement.
Under an installment agreement, you can pay what you
By checking “Yes,” you authorize the IRS to talk to the
owe in monthly installments. There are certain conditions
person you named (your designee) about any questions
you must meet to enter into and maintain an installment
we may have while we process your return. You also
agreement, such as paying the liability within 24 months,
authorize your designee to do all of the following.
and making all required deposits and timely filing tax
Give us any information that is missing from your return.
returns during the length of the agreement.
Call us for information about processing your return.
Instructions for Form 943 (2016)


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