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Either you or the Employer may terminate this contract in the following manner:
during the first four(4) weeks - one week notice;
longer than four weeks, but not more than 1 year's service - two week's notice;
more than a year's service - four weeks notice;
Termination for any cause recognised by law as sufficient shall waive the
notice periods detailed in the previous points.
The Employer due to operational requirements.
If the employee reach the retairment age (60)
The party terminating the contract should do so in writing.
I trust that your association with the Employer will be a long and fruitful one.
FOR AND ON BEHALF OF EMPLOYER: ____________________________
I, ____________________________________________________ (Names in full)
accept the appointment on the conditions stipulated in the Conditions of Service, Code of
Conduct and Employer Rules.
EMPLOYEE: ____________________________ DATE:___________________
WITNESS 1: _____________________________DATE:___________________


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