Sample Swot Analysis Template


A Sample SWOT Analysis
In the sample SWOT analysis below, there are action items beside the weaknesses. You
could also add action items beside each of the additional factors – strengths, threats and
opportunities. These might be ways to capitalize or leverage on those strategic elements.
Most of the time, SWOTs do not include action items in that section of the strategic plan. I
like to include them in the SWOT, and then carry them into the Action Plan, because it
reinforces what element of the analysis necessitates the action. I have shown action items in
the weaknesses section of the following sample SWOT analysis.
I have found that by doing it this way more attention and understanding is focused on
accomplishing the action plan.
Organization – Internal
This section looks at the strengths and weaknesses of the organization. The goal is to manage
and control the weaknesses and take advantage of the strengths.
Our brand and reputation in our markets is strong. We are recognized as being
professional, reliable and quality-driven.
We have excellent employees who are well trained, customer oriented and efficient.
We have a relatively flat organization (from bottom to top: 2 layers) which allows us
to make quick decisions and be adaptable to changing market conditions.
We work on a continuous improvement operating model.
We capitalize on slow business periods by cross-training employees and taking
employees out to meet customers which helps us to develop more capable employees
and gives the organization more depth.
We have built a strong
human resources
program at our company; this helps us hire,
train and retain the best people.
We pay attention to our costs and contain costs wherever possible but not at the
expense of quality, safety or the environment.
We have begun to pursue a
diversification strategy; this enables
us to leverage our capabilities and minimize our costs and our risks.
We are not the low-cost or low-price supplier in the market.
Action: We need to continuously improve our productivity and efficiency to reduce
We need to build stronger relationships with our Top 5 Customers.
Action: Make our service commitments and if we fail, admit our mistake, apologize,
and learn how to improve.
Cost of re-investment is high.
Action: All
capital expenditures
must be planned and must have an acceptable
payback (18 month).


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