Health And Safety Policy


Health and safety policy
Statement of intent
At Westwood Montessori Training Centre we believe that the health and safety of students and
staff is of paramount importance. We take steps to ensure the well-being of all stakeholders
accessing the centre.
We aim to make students and staff aware of health and safety issues and to minimise the hazards
and risks to enable effective training and development.
The member of staff responsible for health and safety is .............................
She is competent to carry out these responsibilities. He/she has undertaken health and safety
training and regularly updates his/her knowledge and understanding. We display the necessary
health and safety poster in the centre.
Risk assessment
Our risk assessment process includes:
Checking for hazards and risks indoors and outside, and in our activities and procedures.
Deciding which areas need attention; and
Developing an action plan that specifies the action required, the timescales for action, the
person responsible for the action and any funding required.
We maintain lists of health and safety issues, which are checked:
Daily checklist before the session begins;
Termly overview assessment of each area
Risk Assessments reviewed as appropriate or when an additional risk has been identified
Accident/Incident record reviews are reviewed termly and appropriate action taken and
A full risk assessment is carried out annually.
Insurance cover
We have public liability insurance and employers' liability insurance. The certificate for public
liability insurance is displayed in Reception.
Awareness & Safety
Our induction training for staff and students includes a clear explanation of health and safety
issues so that all adults are able to adhere to our policy and understand their shared
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