Instructions For Schedule D 990


Department of the Treasury
Internal Revenue Service
Instructions for Schedule D
(Form 990)
Supplemental Financial Statements
Section references are to the Internal Revenue
board of directors of the sponsoring
Specific Instructions
Code unless otherwise noted.
organization. The procedure must be
designed to ensure that all grants meet
Part I. Organizations
the requirements of section 4945(g)(1),
Future developments. For the latest
Maintaining Donor
(2), or (3); or
information about developments related
to Schedule D (Form 990) and its
Advised Funds or Other
3. That the Secretary exempts from
instructions, such as legislation enacted
being treated as a donor advised fund
Similar Funds or Accounts
after they were published, go to
because either such fund or account is
Complete Part I if the organization
advised by a committee not directly or
answered “Yes” on Form 990, Part IV,
indirectly controlled by the donor or
General Instructions
line 6.
donor advisor or because such fund
benefits a single identified charitable
Note. Terms in bold are defined in the
Generally a donor advised fund is a
Glossary of the Instructions for Form
fund or account:
990, Return of Organization Exempt
1. That is separately identified by
See Notice 2006-109, 2006-51 I.R.B.
From Income Tax.
reference to contributions of a
1121, available at
donor or donors;
superseded in
Purpose of Schedule
2. That is owned and controlled by a
part by Rev. Proc. 2009-32, 2009-28
Schedule D (Form 990) is used by an
sponsoring organization; and
I.R.B. 142, modified and superseded by
organization that files Form 990 to
3. For which the donor or donor
Rev. Proc. 2011-33, 2011-25 I.R.B. 887.
provide the required reporting for donor
advisor has or reasonably expects
A person related to a donor or donor
advised funds, conservation
to have advisory privileges in the
advisor includes: any family member (as
easements, certain art and museum
distribution or investment of
defined in section 4958(f)(4)) of the
collections, escrow or custodial
amounts held in the donor advised
donor or donor advisor and any 35%
accounts or arrangements,
fund or account because of the
controlled entity (as defined in section
endowment funds, and supplemental
donor's status as a donor.
4958(f)(3)) of the donor, donor advisor,
financial information.
or their family members.
Note. Donor advised funds aren't
Who Must File
limited to funds or accounts that meet
Column (a). Complete for all donor
the definition of “funds” under generally
advised funds held at any time during
An organization that answered “Yes” to
the tax year by the organization as a
accepted accounting principles.
any of lines 6 through 12a on Form 990,
sponsoring organization.
Part IV, Checklist of Required
Exceptions. A donor advised fund
Schedules, must complete the
Column (b). Complete for each similar
doesn't include any fund or account:
appropriate part(s) of Schedule D (Form
fund or account held by the organization
1. That makes distributions only to a
990) and attach the schedule to Form
at any time during the tax year over
single identified organization or
990. An organization that answered
which a donor, or person appointed by
governmental entity, or
“Yes” on Form 990, Part IV, line 12b,
the donor, had advisory privileges for
2. In which a donor or donor advisor
can complete Parts XI and XII of
distribution or investment of amounts
gives advice about which individuals
Schedule D (Form 990), but isn't
held in such fund or account, but which
receive grants for travel, study, or other
required to do so.
isn't a donor advised fund. Examples
similar purposes, if:
of other similar funds or accounts
If an organization isn't required to file
a. The donor or donor advisor's
include the funds or accounts listed in
Form 990 but chooses to do so, it must
advisory privileges are performed
Exceptions above, as well as funds
file a complete return and provide all of
exclusively by such person in his or her
otherwise prescribed by statute as
the information requested, including the
capacity as a member of a committee in
excepted from the meaning of a donor
required schedules.
which all of the committee members are
advised fund.
appointed by the sponsoring
Line 1. Report in column (a) the total
number of donor advised funds and in
b. No combination of donors or
column (b) the total number of other
donor advisors (and related persons as
similar funds or accounts held by the
defined next) directly or indirectly
organization at the end of the year.
control the committee; and
Line 2. Report in column (a) the
c. All grants from the fund or
aggregate value of contributions
account are awarded on an objective
during the year to all donor advised
and nondiscriminatory basis following a
funds and in column (b) the aggregate
procedure approved in advance by the
May 24, 2016
Cat. No. 51527M


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