Sample Cover Letter - Education


Sample Cover Letter – Education
Edwina Educator
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14 Happy Students Road
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Churchill VIC 3842
Mobile: 0440 736 042
18 May 2015
Mr Brown
The Principal
Princeton Primary School
55 Princes Highway
Happy Town VIC 3002
Dear Mr Brown,
Graduate Teacher 2016 position No 3674523
I wish to apply for the position of Graduate Teacher at Princeton Primary School, as advertised on Recruitment
Online. I have recently graduated from Monash University, Gippsland with a Bachelor of Education. My studies
have provided me with the theoretical grounding and my teaching rounds with the practical experience to
continue growing as the excellent teacher that I strive to be.
I was inspired to apply for the position at Princeton Primary School due to your philosophy that “not all children
are ready to learn the same thing at the same time in the same way”. I found this particularly true during my
school placements where I embraced opportunities to scaffold students’ learning in order to facilitate individually
appropriate stages of learning within a safe and constructive environment.
I am impressed with the range of activities undertaken at the school, such as the Science in Schools and
Reading Recovery programs, and how these are tailored to meet the needs of the students. I am passionate
about being involved in an active school community that is characterised by a willingness to engage new
programs that provide opportunities for students that extend the standard curriculum. The culture of ongoing
self-reflection and improvement that is indicated to me by your School Charter and Code of Practice documents
is very encouraging to me as I am keen to develop my skills as an educator. I am a passionate and enthusiastic
individual who enjoys working with positive people who share my enthusiasm for teaching and learning.
I have a varied repertoire of employment experience and believe that my professional knowledge and skills
together with my personal qualities make me an ideal candidate for this job. My communication skills and
professional approach to teaching have added to the successes I have enjoyed so far in my teaching
experiences which is reflected in the reports of my teaching supervisors (available upon request).
Enclosed are my curriculum vitae and response to the Key Selection Criteria, which together illustrate my
experience and particular skills. I look forward to the opportunity to share with you examples of my experience
and developing teaching practice through my professional portfolio. The link to my iwebfolio is:
Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you in
the near future.
Yours sincerely,
Edwina Educator


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