Sample Cover Letter New Graduate


Sample Cover Letter New Graduate
Janet Jones
1 Yonge St.,
Toronto, ON
1Z0 1X0
Susan Smith
Program Director
Maternal-Newborn Program
General Health Centre
Mississauga, ON
L4W 4Y5
Dear Ms. Smith
I am writing in response to the advertisement posted in the Toronto Star for the position of
registered practical nurse maternal-newborn program.
I am a recent graduate from ……….College. I have completed a large component of my clinical
nursing placements at your facility. I am excited about the opportunity to work as a part of the
maternal-newborn team. As a student, I was able to work in many areas of the program and
enjoyed working with the interdisciplinary team and families. I am presently enrolled in a post
graduate breastfeeding course and have developed a questions and answers template for
common breast feeding queries. My attached résumé provides more details about my skills and
I look forward to an opportunity to discuss my potential contribution to your maternal-
newborn team. I can be reached at phone/email.
Janet Jones, RPN
Adapted from:
Donner, G., & Wheeler, M (Eds.). (2004). Taking control of your nursing career
(2nd ed.). Toronto: Elsevier.


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