A Fire Safety Self-Inspection Checklist


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September 2005
Number 2/23
Fire Safety 101: A Fire Safety Self-Inspection Checklist
Structural fires can occur at any time. They don’t just happen to the “other guy.” The best way to
ensure that NPS facilities are “fire safe” is through prevention and education. This includes inspec-
tions and education of employees, partners, and the public.
Director’s Order #58: Structural Fire Management (DO #58) and its implementation manual, Refer-
ence Manual #58 (RM-58), require your park’s Structural Fire Coordinator to schedule annual fire
inspections in all NPS and concessions facilities. This is a minimum requirement. But a lot can
happen in a year. Don’t let an unsafe situation go until the next annual inspection. Conduct your
own self-assessments in the interim.
The NPS Structural Fire Program has developed a Self-Inspection Checklist to help you. Use the
Checklist to conduct your own fire inspections in-between your annual inspections.
Note: The Self-Inspection Checklist doesn’t replace the required annual fire inspections scheduled by
your park’s Structural Fire Coordinator. It is a supplement to the annual inspection.
Fire Safety Self-Inspection Checklist
Use the following checklist as a reminder during inspections. List items requiring corrective action
on a Notice of Fire Hazard form.
X Satisfactory
0 Correction required / Not applicable
Life Safety
Ability to use exit doors is not hampered by security measures during occupancy.
Stairwell and hallway fire doors are kept in the closed position.
Stairwells and evacuation routes are free and clear of obstructions.
Fire escape stairs appear to be in good condition.


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